Frequently Asked Questions

How were these items aquired?

These Items were in a storage unit near Orlando, Florida being leased by Ian's ex-wife, Deborah. Her units were auctioned off due to several months of no payments. The buyer of the units posted the items for sale on Craigslist. I contacted the buyer and purchased all that you see on this website (and more) from him.


Are these all of the items that you have?

No. I also have hundreds of photos of Ian's playing days from Crystal Palace, Arsenal, England and his show Friday Night's All Wright. In addition there are clothing items, golf related items and items from the 1990 World Cup.

Have all of these items been authenticated?

Eight of the items on this website have been authenticated and have pictures of their certificates. These Items are:

1. The Adidas Golden Boot Award

2. Carling No. 1 Award

3. Carling Player of the Month Award

4. The F.A. Premier League Hall of Fame Trophy

5. National Football Museum Hall of Fame Trophy

6. Goal of the Month vs. Swindon Award

7. Goal of the Month vs. Southampton Award

8. The Arsenal All Time Goalscorer Award Cannon 

All of the other items have not been authenticated yet. Since the aforementioned items have already been authenticated, my hope is that their authentication validates that these were Ian Wright's items.

How can you prove these were Ian Wright's Items?

I have documentation of everything including the following:

- a copy of the receipt from the auction company who sold the units to the original buyer 

- The bill of sale from the original buyer to myself notarized in the state of Florida

- Letters of Authenticity from PSA/DNA for 8 of the most important trophies


I have also attached the link to the original posting of the auction in the newspaper (search the page for "Wright" and Deborah's units will pop up)

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